Marc Brami for

Town of Wilson
Board Supervisor

Fiscally responsible.
Quiet, serene community.
Community values.

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Marc Brami


Marc immigrated to the USA from Paris, France at age 26, has embraced the American dream and has become a leader in the community. He has been the president of Beth El Synagogue for over 15 years and cantor for over 20 years. He is an entrepreneur and small business owner. Marc is a singer, song writer and former member of Black Knight.

  • Started a children school for his synagogue
  • Organizes and leads all holidays and events at Congregation Beth El
  • Manages multiple properties

Marc has been living in the Town of Wilson for over 15 years and has retired. He feels it is time to give back to our community that he loves.


Marc’s vision for the Town of Wilson.


The Town of Wilson is a beautiful serene, rural, residential area. People move to the area to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the town. Marc's vision is to keep it this way.

Fresh New Perspective

The Town Board has had the same members for many years. It is time to have a new fresh look at the issues, “thinking outside the box”. Marc is a creative thinker and enjoys finding new and exciting solutions to problems.

Engage community

Working together: Encourage resident participation in town board meetings to find solutions and help us with our decisions.

Community:Marc is a team player and getting the community more actively involved will only increase our strength and solutions to issues important to us all.

Fiscally Responsible

Experience: Leader of the finances for his synagogue and treats other people's money as he would his own.

Input: Works with teams to find innovative solutions to reduce costs and creates ways to increase revenue.

Land grab: Against annexation of the land of the Town of Wilson.


Marc Brami is running for Town Of Wilson Board Member. I wholeheartedly endorse his campaign. I have known him for several years and his integrity is worthy of endorsement. He serves as rabbi in the local synagogue here in Sheboygan often where he and his wife Rhonda are faithful members. Marc is a doer in that he is gracious in giving of his time and service to others whenever he sees a need and when asked to do so. He has also been willing to stand up and be counted when issues of importance have come up he felt needed addressing such as sex ed controversies on the school board agendas and the limiting of our First Amendment Rights during COVID.

Marc is also someone you can talk to. He's willing to listen. Town board members need to be able to do that well, Marc Brami is an immigrant to the United States. Here is a full citizen as well. Further, he speaks three languages, fluently, Hebrew, French, and English with his native tongue being French. that gives him another advantage in being approachable here in our town. He will bring another dimension to our board as we looked down the road to the expansion of our community.

Please consider voting for Marc Brami in the April election.

Jan Conwell

Retired Teacher/Programs Coordinator

Marc is a leader who will listen to his constituents and then take action to keep the Town of Wilson a great place to live. He is a man of the people.

Russ Otten

Republican Party of Sheboygan County Chair

I am happy to endorse Marc Brami. I have known Marc for several years. He has a wealth of knowledge, is active in the community, has good leadership skills and listens. Mare sure to vote for Marc on April 2nd.

Paul Hammann

Retired Sheboygan Police Detective

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